Team Quiz


Any level except for absolute beginners.


1. Take one 'Word Up' question sheet from a level of difficulty suitable for your class.

2. Draw a scoring table on the board, like this:

        Team A                Team B        
How it Works

1. Divide the class into two teams and then decide with the class how many points are needed to win (six to ten points works best).

2. To begin, read the first question in the first category (i.e. 'Missing Word'). If a member of either team thinks they can answer, they raise their hand and must give their answer immediately. If it is correct, their team earns a point. If it is not correct, the other team has thirty seconds (or whatever seems a reasonable length of time) in which to try to answer. If they answer correctly, they earn a point. If neither team answers correctly, give the correct answer(s).

3. Continue play by asking one question from each category in turn. The game is over when a team reaches the target number of points.

- If no-one can answer a question within a minute or two, give the answer and then continue as usual.
- If you prefer, ask a member of your class to act as 'quiz master' while you simply help out with pronunciation when necessary.

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