Quick Quiz


Suitable for any level.


Make several photocopies of the front of a 'Word Up' question sheet from a level of difficulty suitable for your class. You will need one copy for every two students.

How it Works

1. Divide the class into pairs and place a copy of the question sheet face down in front of each pair.

2. Explain that the members of each pair must work together to answer as many questions as they can within ten minutes. They should write their answers on their question sheet and may answer the questions in any order they wish. If they can think of more than one answer for a particular question, they should write this also. (If correct, these 'extra' answers are included in the pair's score.)

3. Check your watch and then say "Go!". Each pair then turns over their question sheet and begins writing their answers. You might like to give a 'two-minute' and then a 'one-minute' warning as time runs out. Stop the quiz after exactly ten minutes.

4. After the quiz, read each question and elicit answers from your class. If no-one can answer a question correctly, give the correct answer(s). Each pair notes the number of correct answers they have written (including any 'extra' answers). The pair with the highest number wins.

- If your class has an uneven number of students, have them form one group of three with the rest in pairs.
- If you would like your students to do two quizzes, print out copies of another set of questions from either the same level of difficulty or from a higher level to make the second quiz more challenging.

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